Victor Fota


Victor Fota was born in 1989, he is from Bucharest, Romania. He’s a visual artist, graduate of Fine Arts High School “Nicolae Tonitza”, has a Bachelor and Master degree in Art History, department of Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art at the National University of Arts in Bucharest (2009-2014)

At the moment he lives and works in Bucharest and he’s focusing on experimenting with oil paintings which illustrate concepts and phenomena described by the scientific methods, combined with personal introspection. For his paintings he uses a clean technique which resembles the old Flemish method of rigid forms and successive glazes of paint. 

His works are separated in three major concepts; “Two Grounds” which was the first personal exhibition in Bucharest, “Reality through Reason-Cosmogony” the second one, and “Human Extension” which is in progress and will be displayed in 2016 at Galateca gallery in Bucharest.
The most recent series of oil paintings, have a concept based on the relation of man and machine, called Human Extension, in which the artist explores this relationship using facts and imagination, resulting in a surreal image.